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Biserică şi religie în Europa contemporană

Biserică şi religie în Europa contemporană

Semnalăm volumul următor, apărut în 2009:

Pickel, Gert / Müller, Olaf (eds.) Church and Religion in Contemporary
Europe. Results from Empirical and Comparative Research. Wiesbaden:
VS-Verlag ISBN: 978-3-531-16748-0 EUR 39,90.

Description: During the last decades, the academic special field of sociology of religion, as well as the general public, has witnessed lively debates on the “new” role and significance of religion in modern societies. Not only perceptions such as a “clash of civilizations” or a “return of religion”, but also a renewed discussion on the relationship between religion and politics seem to stimulate the above mentioned questions. Meanwhile, a considerable quantity of empirical studies focused on the revitalization of religion or the prospects of a continuing secularization have been conducted. The topic of this publication deals with the results derived from a wide range of these studies, a large number of them focused on comparative analyses about the situation of churches and religion in Europe.


Gert Pickel and Olaf Müller: Introduction: – The Comparative View on
Religion and Religiosity

Siniša Zrinščak and Krunoslav Nikodem: Why, at all, do we need religion?
Religion and Morality in Post-Communist Europe

Tadeusz Doktór: Religious Pluralism and Dimensions of Religiosity:
Evidence from the Project Religious and Moral Pluralism (RAMP)

Heiner Meulemann: Religiosity in Europe and in the Two Germanies: The
Persistence of a Special Case – as Revealed by the European Social Survey

Kimmo Kääriäinen: Religion in Finland and Russia in Comparative Perspective

Olaf Müller: Religiosity in Central and Eastern Europe: Results from the
PCE 2000 Survey in Comparison

Gert Pickel: Secularization as an European Fate? Results from the Church
and Religion in an Enlarged Europe Project 2006

Paul Froese and Steven Pfaff: Religious Oddities: Explaining the
Divergent Religious Markets of Poland and East Germany

Detlef Pollack and Gert Pickel: Church-State Relations and the Vitality
of Religion in European Comparison

Erik Sengers: European Exceptionalism: Lazy Churches, Pluralism,
Adherence and the Case of the Dutch Religious Cartel

Hermann Denz: Religion, Popular Piety, Patchwork Religion



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